If there is one universal truth that can apply across our entire dealership it is this: we couldn’t do what we do without our wonderful customers and their loyalty. Putting a smile on your face is what makes what we do so rewarding, and seeing people we recognize – that trust us enough to come back time and time again – that really encourage us to keep pushing forward even when times get tough. And without a doubt, we are in tough times right now, which is why we’ve chosen to highlight Volvo V60 owner Dr. Amy Lepore, who perfectly exemplifies what it means to stand strong in the face of great adversity.

Dr Amy Lepore works for Anthem Planning, Inc, a company that works closely with first responders to improve safety standards and assist in improving how we as a community respond to disasters and humanitarian crises. In uncertain times like these, Anthem Planning and Union Park have partnered to work with Team Rubicon to assist in managing the COVID-19 crisis.

Team Rubicon mobilizes veterans to continue serving their community when they come back home. The goal is to give veterans a continued sense of purpose while taking advantage of their special skills in crisis management and humanitarian aid in order to improve lives here at home. At this time, Team Rubicon is operating 55 COVID-19 response operations to help manage the outbreak, with another 40-plus in the works. Experience in setting up field hospitals, organizing volunteer workers, and managing the safety of all those in harms way is where the special skill of the Team Rubicon participants truly shines, and it’s why we’re so proud to call Dr. Amy Lepore a customer of Union Park Volvo.

For information on you can help contribute to Team Rubicon, click here!