In 2019, Volvo introduced a new initiative only to produce vehicles that are part electric. They said goodbye to fully combustion engine vehicles and hello to electric cars. This shift has come at the perfect time, too, as more and more people are interested in having an electric vehicle.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Volvo

Now more than ever before are more people looking to reduce their carbon footprint. With a Plug-in Hybrid and Pure Electric vehicle, gas usage decreases and makes the driver's carbon footprint get smaller. Instead of relying on gas as fuel, Pure Electric cars can get plugged into your house or a charging station. Or, if you are not ready to only rely on charging your vehicle, you can do the Plug-in Hybrid option. This type of vehicle allows you to choose between Pure Electric mode and fuel-efficient mode.

If you have been looking to become more environmentally conscious or are simply sick of stopping for gas, an electric vehicle from Union Park Volvo Cars is the way to go.

Electric Vehicles Are Low Maintenance and Save Money

If you are looking for unique advantages to electric vehicles, there are plenty. Two of the most notable are how low maintenance they are and how much money they save drivers. With the engine being electric, drivers do not need to worry about oil changes and other minor tune-ups. Less of a need for servicing means fewer service center visits.

Drivers can also expect to save a lot of money as the electric vehicle does not need to be serviced as often and does not require gas. Putting gas in your tank right now may not seem like a lot of money. But, think of how much gas costs over a lifetime. It certainly adds up.

Enjoy Plenty of Benefits When You Switch to an Electric Car

If you are considering getting a new car soon, consider an electric vehicle from Union Park Volvo Cars. Electric vehicles come with many unique benefits. First and foremost, you are doing your part to benefit the environment. While doing this, you are also saving time and money. However, these benefits are only the tip of the iceberg.

To see for yourself why electric cars are the future, visit the Union Park Volvo Cars showroom today!

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