There's one thing about Volvo that remains uncompromised: Safety.

It can be seen when Volvo gives the world its patent for a three-point seat belt in 1959. And in that act of human kindness, over a million lives saved in the sixty years since.

So, it's with pride that Union Park Volvo Cars offers Volvo sedans, SUVs and wagons with those Swedish safety parameters baked in.

Constant Volvo Innovating Towards Safety and Driver-Assist Technology

IntelliSafe Surround is the whole suite of technological features that promote safety and security in a Volvo. These significant features encompass the following:

  • Blind spot information with steer assist.
  • Cross traffic alerting with braking support for use on Wilmington city blocks or New Castle streets.
  • Rear collision warning provides a collection of information regarding what's around your Volvo XC40.
  • Side Impact Protection System (SIPS) for added protection with impact.
  • City Safety spots potential danger ahead by use of radar and camera technology. Whether a pedestrian, cyclist, large dog or horse along a rural Newark area road, it will be seen.
  • Active and connected systems warn of danger ahead as it pertains to slippery conditions or an imminent head-to-head collision. Sensed too is lane departure and run-off road hazards.
  • A complete deployment of airbags surrounds all occupants. Energy absorbing seats made of steel limit spinal injuries in accidents or hard landings after leaving the road.
  • All Volvo frames are built with a safety cage produced from hot-formed, high-strength steel. The design is to protect that precious cargo inside.

The list almost limitless when it comes to Volvo safety and its sharing with the rest of the world. A Volvo tradition in itself.

Union Park Volvo Cars, a Hockessin Institution of Volvo Safety

When driving, you can't leave safety compromised or lagging.

So, visit our local Wilmington area dealership today, and avail yourself of Volvo beauty in safety.

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