Keeping up with your vehicle is usually straightforward. You take it to the service center at Union Park Volvo Cars when it needs maintenance and drive safely while on the open road. But, sometimes, the safety of our vehicles is out of our control. When vehicle recalls, happen, it's usually something that the manufacturer did wrong that needs correcting.

Most of the time, these recalls are for minor safety concerns, such as failing to meet the minimum safety requirement. Whether it be the car seat or tires, recalls come in all shapes and sizes.

Find Out if Your Vehicle Has Been Recalled

Sometimes, the manufacturer will send out a letter to alert drivers who have the recalled vehicle. Other times, drivers find that they get left in the dark. But, there is a quick and easy fix for that. By checking your VIN, you can find out if your vehicle has gotten recalled.

Every car, SUV, truck, or motorcycle that has not received the necessary repairs after the recall will show up. Even if your vehicle got recalled years ago, rest assured you can still get information on it. The VIN search tool will show unrepaired vehicles going back 15 years.

Here's How You Can Find the VIN:

Many drivers are unaware that they can use their VIN for safety checks on their vehicles. With that said, locating the VIN might prove difficult for some people. But, you can easily track it down by looking towards the lower-left area of your vehicle's windshield. The number you are looking for should be 17 characters long.

If you have a hard time finding it or, for some reason, it is not on your vehicle, we recommend checking your vehicle registration card or your insurance card. Sometimes the VIN is printed on both of these.

Visit Union Park Volvo Cars Service Center Today!

Vehicle recalls often go unheard of, putting some drivers at risk. But, luckily, with the VIN, you can search your vehicle. If it needed safety repairs and remained unrepaired, you know to schedule an appointment with the Union Park Volvo Cars service center. Either stop by or contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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