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The 2021 Volvo lineup is the most advanced yet offering innovative features in safety and entertainment. Each new Volvo model comes fully equipped with advanced features that not only warn you about potentially dangerous driving situations but can even take action if you fail to do so in time.

Both the interior and exterior features have been expertly engineered to look just as beautiful as they function. Each new Volvo model has something for all in Wilmington, DE, to enjoy. Here at Union Park Volvo, we couldn't be more excited to showcases what Volvo has available this year in safety features and technological advancements.


Every drive from Newark to New Castle, DE will feel connected in a new Volvo. From getting directions to seamlessly connecting your phone to your Volvo, you'll never miss a call, podcast, or message from a loved one.

Each new model comes with a large touchscreen that accesses all your connective features such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, navigation, and more. You can even use your voice as the controller, so you never take your eyes off the roads ahead in Hockessin, DE.

The new Volvo On-call app lets you remotely control the functions and features of your Volvo from your phone. You can start your car, adjust the temperature, and even send directions to the in-vehicle navigation system.

The onboard Sensus Navigation system makes it easier than ever before to find the quickest and most efficient route to your next adventure.

Overall, Volvo is using their intuitive technology advancements to make your life a bit easier. With the added support and entertainment, you'll feel that Volvo is always there with you.

Union Park Volvo Cars Wilmington DE

Volvo Safety Features

Volvo has been a leader in safety innovations from the beginning. In 1959 Volvo introduced the 3-point seatbelt patent, and from then, it's been nothing but improvements to safety technology.

The new Volvo lineup for 2021 will come fully equipped with Volvo's most advanced safety and driver assistance technology.

Volvo has designed IntelliSafe to give you more peace of mind and security while behind the wheel. From crowded highways to winding city streets, your Volvo is the co-pilot that never takes a break and is always on the lookout.

IntelliSafe Surround includes features such as BLIS (Blind Spot Information) with steer assist that will let you know if there is another vehicle in your blind spot and can even bring you back into your designated lane if you begin to merge when it is unsafe to do so.

IntelliSafe Surround also includes Cross-Traffic Alert with brake support and Rear Collision Warning that will give you all-around awareness of other cars, pedestrians, cyclists, and even large animals.

Stay Safe With Volvo

Every new safety system has been designed to keep you and your passengers safer, as well as those around you. These systems work to decrease the event of an accident or reduce the severity of an injury such as whiplash. The new Volvo vehicles have also been built with strong safety cages that can withstand more powerful impacts from all angles.

City Safety helps protect everyone using radars and cameras to constantly monitor your surroundings and identify large or small objects both day and night. At speed differences up to 50 km/h between you and the car in front of you, your Volvo can detect when you are following too closely to prevent a rear-end collision.

Additional safety technologies include:

  • Oncoming Lane Mitigation
  • Run-off road Mitigation
  • Lane Keeping Aid

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