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Union Park Volvo Cars Wants to Buy Your Car Near Wilmington, DE

Union Park Volvo Cars is eager to buy your vehicle outright, with no strings attached. And it comprises a simple process, easily accomplished from your New Castle home.

Why Should I Sell My Vehicle to Union Park Volvo Cars?

When seeking to sell your vehicle, there's no telling who will be answering the ad. Then comes the customary haggling wearing you down, as intended.

So, if you're desiring to sell your vehicle, the best bet is to avail the services of a trusted Newark area, local dealership. And when that dealership plainly wants to buy your car, take advantage of the leverage you hold.


At Union Park Volvo Cars, we encourage everyone to take advantage of online valuation tools created specifically for our Hockessin clientele. Once complete, you've earned the confidence desired of any large transaction. And given today's "seller's market," you can't go wrong selling or trading your car to Union Park Volvo Cars.

Two online valuation portals allow for the appraisal and instant valuation of your present vehicle to sell outright or trade at Union Park Volvo Cars. Here's what to expect with each:

Union Park Volvo Cars Wilmington DE
Union Park Volvo Cars Wilmington DE


In order to streamline the trade or sale process, the online trade-in appraisal form gets things started. When each form is complete and submitted, it prepares Union Park Volvo Cars' pre-owned manager to review the information.

Once confirmed, our pre-owned manager will reach out with your Union Park Volvo Cars' appraisal. With that, the online forms consist of the following:

  1. Contact information for the purpose of relaying your appraisal.
  2. Vehicle information of year, make, model, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and mileage are entered.
  3. Options pertaining to your specific vehicle will be listed to check off.
  4. Vehicle history confirms past lease or rental statuses, accuracy of odometer and if detailed service records are available.
  5. Title history relating to lienholders and who holds the title.
  6. Vehicle rating consists of drop-down menus to rate exterior integrity, engine condition, glass imperfections, exhaust system issues, tire vitality, transmission health and interior damage.
  7. Vehicle assessment asks for "yes or no" answers as to options and accessories, accidents and repair costs, paint work performed, whether the vehicle was purchased as new, existing damage and salvaged or reconstructed statuses.
  8. The above is fully accomplished from home, on any device. And should you still owe money on the vehicle you wish to sell, bring with you a "payoff letter" from your current lender when finalizing the appraisal at Union Park Volvo Cars.


In partnering with Kelley Blue Book (KBB), Union Park Volvo Cars has instituted the "Get Your Blue Book® Value" online form to complete. But don't fret if the word "trade" is used. Each valuation tool and the information gleaned helps Union Park Volvo Cars establish a fair offer for our purchasing, or your trading -- at no obligation.

Though with a robust inventory of Volvo luxury SUVs, Volvo sedans and Volvo wagons, it might be difficult to ignore the opportunities of financing or leasing a new Volvo XC90 Recharge.

Here's how to "Get Your Blue Book Value":

  • Enter year, make, model and body style. Then, automatically, the engine and transmission configuration appear relative to your vehicle.
  • Next, enter mileage and your ZIP Code. Then tap, "Next."
  • Following is the page to select for those related options and exterior color choice. Below these selections, you'll be asked to rate your vehicle overall. Tap, "Next" again.

The very next page provides the KBB trade-in range, and trade-in value comprising an actual figure. It's that easy.

Union Park Volvo Cars Wilmington DE

Sell Your Car to Union Park Volvo Cars Near Wilmington

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